Skin care treatments

Multiple different treatments to choose from.

Price / person starting

13 €


All seasons


30-60 min

Skin care treatments

Salt room 13 €
Helps with compacted airways and skin problems

Salt body scrub (45 min) 50 €
Good for atopic or dry skin - body scrub will moisturize and soften the skin and makes your metabolism more active

Paraffin treatment to hands or feet 17,00 €
Warm paraffin heals and softens your skin. Makes your metabolism more active, easies the pain, stiffness or arthiris

Foot treatment (60 min) 50 €

Peat face treatment (30 min) 36 €
Relaxing and deep cleansing treatment, including face mask for 10 minutes, scalp massage, swamp toner and herbal tea

Peat treatment for feet (45 min) 58 €
20 minutes warm peat poultice, feet massage, herbal tea

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