Spend your holiday in unique environment!

Welcome to spend a memorable stay on the Kalevala Canvas, for hotel's full-service meetings, activities, accommodations and meals.
Hotel is popular with adult clients, so whether traveling with friends or on a romantic getaway
the atmosphere ensures you to make the most of your trip with relaxation and unwind in ideal retreat.
Whether your staying is short or a longer one, or you wish to have a party or an event, we will provide everything with excellent service.

The idea for the building originates from an eagle spreading its wings to rise into the air. The special silhouette and concrete casting technique are distinctive. Building work was completed in 1989 and is a protected building by The Finnish National Board of Antiquities. The complex is designed to look like a huge wooden fortress in ancient times and includes old and new elements. The owners have refurbished the interior with accents of Central Europe.

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Adults only

We have 3 special weeks in upcoming winter: January 26th - February 2nd February 9th - 16th March 16th - 23rd These weeks are ADULTS ONLY and clients who choose our Winter Experience Week package will get free of charge: - Peat sauna - Bear meat as...

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Winter season

Winter season is here soon! Find your perfect winter holiday here.

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Winter activities

We have so much more to do. Check out our list of winter activities. We recommend to book in advance!

Winter activities


Winter rental

Take a look at our rental equipment selection & prices.

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Restaurant Kanteletar open every day

Our hotel kitchen is open every day 4-9 pm.

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From Kalevala Epos

Hotel Kalevala provides a unique experience from beginning to end for any holiday. As soon as you arrive you are invited into a mythical world and the adventures of the Kalevala and Wild Taiga. The idea for the building originates from an eagle...

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